Coming Soon To This Space…

In record collecting, records, Rich's House of Vinyl on August 10, 2016 at 3:40 am


I had an idea for a new weekly music column here at Rich’s House of Vinyl. The idea ties into my love of using chance operations to determine what music I listen to, and it goes something like this:

Once a week, I will use my 20-sided dice (see above) to pick one record album or CD. I’ll give that album a listen or two and then I’ll intentionally seek out other albums that somehow relate to the randomly chosen album. Each week, I’ll write a column based on the relationship between the album chosen by chance and the subsequent albums. These relationships could be concrete or abstract, serious or silly. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I am in the process of listening to the first set of records this week. Without giving anything away, I will tell you that the record my dice picked is an enormous record by a major Classic Rock Band. The theme I went with for this round was to listen to other albums released during the same month as the random one (this may prove to be a theme I chose often, but not all the time).  I discovered that, for as huge as my dice-generated album was, there was an even bigger Classic Rock album released that very same month.

The way I envision this weekly column, it will be one part pop music history/one part memoir/one part whatever else happens. I am fairly certain it will be fun to write and hopefully, fun to read. We’ll find out starting this Friday.




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