Sunday Singles! #4

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Well, I fell off my “Daily Record” bandwagon this week, but I’m going to jump back on the horse this week. So here we go with this week’s “Sunday’s Singles,” the feature in which I listen to a bunch of 45s and write about ’em.

 “Lady Madonna”/”The Inner Light”-The Beatles (1968/peaked #4).
 “Hey Jude”/”Revolution”-The Beatles (1968/”Hey Jude” peaked at #1, while “Revolution” peaked at #12).
 “Let It Be”/”You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)”-The Beatles (1970/peaked at #1).
 “The Long and Winding Road”/”For You Blue”-The Beatles (1970/peaked at #1).
There are many things that can be said (and have probably already been said) about the Beatles, but the one point that I will note here is simply that I think it is a very cool thing to be able to listen to original Beatles singles on vinyl. This is particularly true of the single that closed out my last Sunday Singles entry, “Penny Lane”/”Strawberry Fields Forever,” which was released as a single before it was released in any other format. But it is also true of these tunes as well, which aptly demonstrate the range of late-period Beatles music from the Fats Domino homage, “Lady Madonna” to George’s Indian experiment, “The Inner Light” and his bluesy “For Your Blue,” to Lennon’s rocking treatise, “Revolution” (which features one of my favorite lyrics by anyone ever: “If you go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao/You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”) to the McCartney ballads “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road.” They even made time for a comedy/lounge number, “You Know My Name (Look Up My Number).”

37. “One”/”Wing and a Prayer”-Bee Gees (1989/peaked at #7). “One” was the last Top Ten hit for the Bee Gees. It’s OK, not a bad comeback attempt, but not brilliant. Still though, I wouldn’t begrudge the Brothers Gibb their last stay near the top of the charts (one more single, “Alone” reached #28 in 1997).

38. “Fire and Ice”/”Hard to Believe-Pat Benatar (1981/peaked at #17).
39. “Ooh Ooh Song”/”La Cancion Ooh Ooh”-Pat Benatar (1985/peaked at #36).
40. “Legal Tender”/”Moon 83”-B-52’s (1983/did not chart).
Since these three singles all belong to Donna, let’s get her video perspective on them:

41. “Big Country”/”All of Us”-Big Country (1983/peaked at #17). I did not follow the career of Big Country past this, their only Top 40 hit, but this song never fails to remind me of my cousin Dianne who was and remains a fan of the band. I think she saw them in their heyday, but you’d have to confirm that with her.

42. “Calling All Cows”-Elvin Bishop (1975/did not chart). I don’t think this little toe-tapper was enough to entice the cows, but I enjoy it. I have a promotional copy, so both the A and the B side feature “Calling All Cows.”

43. “Fooled Around and Fell In Love”-Elvin Bishop (1976/peaked at #3). This one was far more successful for Elvin Bishop (though Starship vocalist Mickey Thomas sings it) than “Calling All Cows” and I have to say I love “Fooled Around and Fell In Love” very much. Always have. My copy of this is one of those “back-to-back hits” singles with the other side being a hit by another band. We’ll cover that one down the road a bit.

Thanks for tuning in!


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